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Members of the Orange County Family Justice Center Foundation with a group of kids they took to Laguna Beach on June 30 as part of the “Kids Creating Change" program. Photo by Steven Georges/Behind the Badge OC

Trip to Laguna Beach proves to be big splash for grads of OCFJC’s ‘Kids Creating Change’

On a Saturday morning in late July, a handful of adults were escorting more than two-dozen kids to the North Main Beach tidepools in Laguna Beach.

As they were making their way down the stairs from Heisler Park to the beach, a man sitting on a bench remarked to one of the adults, “It looks like you have your hands full.”

The adult happened to be Lt. James Kazakos of the Anaheim PD, who proceeded to tell the man about the reason for the beach excursion.

After a brief conversation, the man opened his wallet and gave Kazakos a $100 bill.

“Go buy the kids some ice cream,” he told Kazakos.